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  1. Super sick... Ended up in the ER

    Friday 7/25/14 I started throwing up violently in the morning. I couldn't keep anything down all day and left work early to go to my pcp. She of course was full so I saw a NP who didn't know me from Adam. She had no idea what to do with me, I told her about my sleeve and she gave me anti nausea meds. As I was walking out of the room my doctor was in the hall and said you look horrible. I explained what going on and she ordered blood work on the spot. At this point I'm so dehydrated I can barely ...
  2. Almost two months postoperative!

    So things are great! I've learned to eat slow and to know what my limits are. I can have whatever I want now. It's just trail and error to see what sits in my new tummy without issues. I really like wraps. So you get veggies and protein at once. I'm down to 239! I had a my first stahl for about a week and a half. I've started to walk at least 15-30 mins a day. I still can't do protein shakes. I found a premier protein premade ones are okay. My blood sugars are now under control. My vitamin d and ...
  3. 18 Days Post-op

    I just wanted to update everyone on my experiance thus far. So I am 18 days Post-op! So the bus ride and the plan ride back was murder! just to cross the border was almost three hours and then another 2 hour flight home... I was not a happy camper. But the 1st week I pretty much did very little, didnt have too much energy. Second week I had to go back to work, which was really hard (no energy) I started the pureed food stage this week and let me tell you, it has been a roller coaster ride. Certain ...
  4. 5 days post op

    It's five days post op! Feeling ok. Not a lot of energy. I'm so glad to be back on us soil. That was a crazy trip. I met a couple of great people while there. I've already started to lose weight! I'm so excited for this process. When will my energy come back? I can't wait for week three! Mash potatoes!!! I'll keep u updated.
  5. 23 Days Left

    I have 23 days left till I leave for Mexico! Im so excited but freakingout at the same time. Im leaving my kiddos with my husband, which has me worried. He has never watched him by himself for 5 days. We have a 3 year old and 8 month old. I know he can do it, but it might be a diaster when I get back. I have only told a few people that Im having his done. My parents, daycare provider and thats about it. No one else knows. To be honest I dont want the judgemental looks or comments from them. Cause ...