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  1. weight gain, helllp

    sweetie1220 - Today 04:24 PM
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    Well I have regained 60 or the original 80 lb lost...in a little over four years. My therapist thinks there was not enough therapy done prior to the surgery which was done when my life was a lot hectic with caregiving etc. i have gained weight by eating slider foods, the restriction is still there. I drink at times too soon after eating especially when out so not to look too different. I am addicted to carbs/sweets. I never settled my addiction ...
  2. help weight gain after two years

    I have gained over 14 lbs, and I am not getting much protein in...sleeve seems to have grown, can get too much food in, not enough liquids(water), no exercise, lots of slider foods...can someone help or give advice...please no criticism...thanks
  3. Victory

    I was sleeved in Jan 2014 and had been complaining about slow weight loss
    I do not exercise as I should, or take protein as I should but I am learning
    Rome truly was not built in a day. I did not gain this weight overnight.

    Since the surgery, my mom passed April 2014 I was caregiver for over thirty years with the last two mom being in nursing home.But I was the only child of four who went to doctors appt etc even right after surgery, nothing stopped.
    She had ...
  4. Day eight

    Went to 1st f/u since surgery"...no weight loss...retaining water I am told...drink more fluids..don't force....no food....puddings soups but if problem go back to liquids you have been on since Christmas.....right...then my size six daughter goes off on me as I am coming home because when she wanted to go to Wendy's I ordered her a frosty when she wanted water because she is trying to lose fifteen lbs and tone up....22plus days of liquids, 7 days of shots no weight loss..takes me two hours ...
  5. I'm I really a candidate @ 260.. OR am I just taking the "easy"way out?

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetie1220 View Post
    My highest weight was 265. After being 243 for a couple years ...on many diets spent lots of money many gym memberships...many negative remarks about size..seat belts not fitting ...on planes...difficulty sharing seats on buses....feeling like you sit higher than others...difficulty walking running, shortness of breathe...rashes...easily overheated....going out expected to eat more even when you eat less...slower metabolisms after much dieting..the surgery is personal....it is for your health...your
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