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    I used Dr Christopher Schaffer with Hedden Plastic surgery. They are located in Birmingham, less than 10 miles from my house. The results are incredible. He did the fleur-de-lis tummy tuck which gets a bad rap online. my scar is barely noticeable. Recovery was not too bad. I highly recommend him. He was referred to by a fellow Almanza patient who also lives in Birmingham.

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    I know what you mean I get it a lot after loosing 45lbs but I also notice it depends what I wear too so I try to keep down the stares nothing to tight or too loose...lol Good but I agree feels weird
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    I know it's hard to accept the compliments. I get called skinny bitch by a couple friends & I just laugh. My boss said to me today ooh Michele's getting skinny. I just laughed. I still have 60 lbs to go before I'll be skinny in my eyes. Good luck to you & try to accept the compliments.
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    Haha, LOVE IT! What I hate is everyone telling me "now don't get too skinny".i'm still obese how the hell can I get too skinny. Anyhow, enjoy your compliments. I know it's a bit weird having so much attention. But it's a weird in a good way, shows how far you have come with 40 lbs gone!
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    Accept the compliment and be proud of your accomplishments. It is hard for most women to do that, me included. However, I am learning to because it is rude not to. By putting myself down and hiding behind my insecurities, I am making others feel bad.

    You may not feel "skinny" yet, but compared to 40lbs ago, you are on your way.
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    Good for you skinny girl!! Nobody in my family or in laws know I've had the surgery. My in laws are skinny, very objective and my father in law has always been rude, even to the extent of pointing out that their new luxury car had self adjusting shocks to balance out the weight every time I rode with them. I haven't seen them for almost 2 years. Can't wait to see their expressions the next time I do!!
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    they are "seeing" you now in comparison to the old you. You probably do look skinny to them. Have they ever seen you this small? Just think of what they'll see the next time you visit! lol
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    Weird is soooo good! Go with skinny girl and get used to it, because you are a shrinking away!
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    sounds like u are doing great dont let that dr discourage u everyone one loses at their own pace. Just keep doing what u are supposed to do... sounds like u are
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    The one thing I've noticed since my surgery is that I more readily say what is on my mind if something really bothers me rather than hold it in like I used to. I can no longer console myself with food so the emotions have to go somewhere. I'm sure your doctor has heard worse from his patients.
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    He really is a Great Doctor!! and Thanks Jim, That's why I love you.
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    Sounds like a great doctor if he is able to see that he was out of line and laugh about getting set straight. Congrats on the 11 lbs. I think that along with all the time at the gym and the healthy diet are great reasons to celebrate.
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    I think I love your daughter a little bit!
  16. jduford's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your story...
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    Just got home this morning after being at the hospital for 9 1/2 hours. They ran all the test and poke and probed and the winner is, "Esophagutitis" " inflammation of esophagus , caused by acid reflux. Dr. doubled the Prilosec and gave me pain meds/fluids while there. Feeling so much better.
    Thank you guys for all your suggestions and concerns.
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    I agree with girliegirl777. I had thrush before surgery & yeast infection because I was on a strong antibiotics to rid my stomach of the hpolori bacteria. And I was given the gargle and it worked.
  19. girliegirl777's Avatar
    it is very common to develop Thrush after the surgery. I had it and it was very painful. Your Doctor can prescribe a mouth gargle that will take care of it.
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    Nods with reading mom. I developed it as well. Im on prilozac. Hope u r able to find the source.
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    Strep is going around in my area. It could be just illness and not sleeve related.
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    Are you taking an acid reducer? I suspect it could be from reflux. There are mornings I wake up with a sore throat and I think I had reflux in my sleep. When I think about the day before I always realize I forgot to take my pepcid that day. It could be something else but give excess acid some thought. Best of luck getting it straightened out! Let us know what the dr says.
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    six weeks yesterday, but I don't think that's it. I didn't have any problems while in the hospital or home(for weeks) for that matter.
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    How far out are you? I guessing not much since on only liquids. I have had a sore throat from being incubated for surgery before. It might be that.
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    Next time, make sure you chew it to mush!
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    Yay!!!! Good for you!!!!
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    Wonderful, it's all down hill from here. Cheers
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    Nice start for the new year.
  29. hersheygurl007's Avatar
    Ok guys, I'm so much better this morning. The fry is gone down, I feel like a new person. I don't want to see a fry for a long time!!!! LOL
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    OMG! You are right though, after calling the doc I would be on here asking all of the "experts" for advice! Hopefully by this morning it has already gone down! Funny stuff!
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