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  1. Still not reach my goal

    Well yesterday was 3 years since my surgery still haven't reach my goal but I am so close I not disappointed cause I have lost 94 lbs and I love the way I look. Hope all are well and keep up the good work.
  2. 1year

    Today is the my first anniversary of the sleeve....have lost 77 lbs. I am happy the the results. Didn't get to my goal but I will and it doesn't matter that I didn't get to my goal,because I am not in a race....I love it when my husband tel me I look beautiful, I have never had anyone tell me that...For those who on the fence or fixing to have the sleeve just remember it is a healthy tool and at first it difficult and exetremly hard the first 7 weeks but remember that it does get better and ...
  3. 1months 2 days

    Hello everyone well it been 1 month and 2 days since I lost any weight this has been my longest stall in the 7 months since I had my surgery, I know everyone go thru stalls ...I was so upset but this morning I went to weight my self and praise God I finally lost.. Hope you y'all are doing good, and remember this is a great jounery and it amazing.
  4. To Elvita

    Today is your surgery day . This is the first day of being sleeved. You have just started the greatest jounery in the world. Me and the others on this forum are here for you. Please feel free to ask for our help in any way we can. Blessing and God speed
  5. Stupid!!!!!!!!

    Did a stupid thing just now, I went and got my husband a Reuben sandwich ,and he ask if I wanted half I said I wanted half of the half, since I ate a couple bites in the past and it didn't hurt me, I thought I would take a couple a bites and then I got sick. Started throwing up and dumping syndrome I will never do that again. I am stoping eating I will do my protein drinks from now on. For those whose are tempting to eat regular food take my advice. DON'T. God Bless
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