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  1. 7 Week follow up

    So I haven't been able to post for awhile due to major projects at work and finishing up a summer semester of school, but I thought I would check in today.

    Had my 7 week followup appointment yesterday and everything is going very good. I am down 24lbs, another three inches from midsection, and my BMI is down to 41 (started at 53). I have no complainaints or regrets toward having this surgery. I am one of the lucky ones who never gets hungry, I am at the lowest weight I have been ...
  2. Day 4 post op

    Well, it all happened on Wednesday! I was so busy trying to get work situated I forgot to post before surgery. Now, it is four days after surgery and I feel really good.

    The pain was minimal and mostly gas. But thanks to all the sleeves on here I was prepared for that and told my recovery room nurse I need to get moving. Did not use the pain pump much after that just one shot before going to sleep for the night in the hospital. My wife informs me that the nurse was very pleased with ...
  3. 9 more days!!

    9 days and counting until surgery. Going tomorrow for my pre op testing, blood work, gall bladder sono, and upper GI exam, should make for an intersting day. Especially since the last time I had a tube down my throat was to sono my heart last year and that was the worst thing I had expereinced in while. Have to say was not a big fan of the pre op diet on days 1-4, but today (day 6), I am no longer having any "cleansing" issues and feel really good. I know I have lost some weight already ...