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  1. I am so out of touch :(

    I don't remember the last time that I was on here...I should have reached out
    I am two years and two months out.
    After I healed, and worked through some difficulties, I was on a high! I was exercising, eating well, and the weight was falling off. Before long I was not only at goal, I was under that...I was underweight - I loved it!
    I haven't kept up with proper eating. I haven't kept up with exercising. I haven't be going to support groups, or coming on here. Factor ...
  2. My results have inspired others...

    My initial experience post-sleeve was rough...However, after progressing and doing really well, my sister and now my daughter have both had bariatric surgery (RNY). Neither of them have had any complications...Both are doing very well!

    I say to those of you who are struggling, hang in there. For those of you who are scared, hang in there. For those of you who are trying to decide whether or not to have the surgery due to possible complications, and after having lived through every ...
  3. 1 year/8 months out...

    Since I was last here I weighed 137...I am now 144 ish. It's uncomfortable. I am told I needed to put some weight on, and I have...not the "good" weight however. I have put weight on because of returning to unhealthy habits, i.e., eating junk, eating too often, and so on. Returning to this path is so scary!
    Being back on here for just these few minutes is reassuring...I won't let this continue I am so thankful I have you/this place to turn to!
  4. Unbearable stomach pain?

    I was sleeved in Jan 2014. Since then, and as recently as a couple of nights ago, I sometimes have stomach pain that lands me in the hospital (3 times now!).

    Do any of you, or anyone you know, experience extreme pain of no known origin?

    Sometime the pain is relatively short, goes away on it's own. However, there are times where it will last hours and is so painful (10/10 pain scale) that I end-up in the ER...Morphine doesn't touch the pain, and they eventually give ...
  5. My first year - CHECK :)

    I had my 1 year post-op check-up the other day...I have lost 98% of my excess weight. All of my labs are exceptional...My dear Dr, Boone told me I'd made this (check-up) easy for him

    Now the hard part...Continued compliance, accountability, support, and healthy weight management/maintenance.

    Moving forward after your first year, did any of you feel a little uneasy at this same point? I am :/ Advice welcome!
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