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  1. brenda2013's Avatar
    Congrats! Blessings to you that all will go wonderful for now on out for you God Bless
  2. sulanden's Avatar
    My best wishes to your continued good health and a healthier you. How right you are about that gift of life being more than we could ever treasure without others to share. Start planning your next great escape!
  3. sociologist's Avatar
    Heres hoping to no more cancer and chemo!
  4. Mich-D's Avatar
    Wishing you positive thoughts on your recovery from cancer and your weight loss transformation.
  5. wrightstuff12's Avatar
    Did you have a hiatal hernia repair? I did and from what I understand it shares the same nerve pathways as your neck and head. The nerve in question might very well be the vagus nerve. You might want to see a neurologist if your primary can't resolve it.
  6. KebfromCincy's Avatar
    That is so exciting for you. I was in tight size 24 pants before surgery. After surgery, I just hung out at home in my yoga pants not really needing new clothes. I had lost approx 50-60lbs by the time I went out to look. I was so disappointed that I had only dropped 1 size. 1 size to a 22! I was SO disappointed. It remained this way for several weeks. Had to get new clothes for a class reunion so out I went again. Another size! Well, finally. Now a month later, I am in a size 18 jean!!!!! I haven't seen size 18 since before my 33 year old was born. I was in a 3X shirt and coats. Now I can wear a 1X and have even tried on a few XLs from the Missses Department. So, no more clothes until Spring and hopefully I can wave the Women's Dept goodbye. I am in a stall now, but am looking forward to the future. I can move! I can breathe!
  7. lundbergmn's Avatar
    Feels great doesn't it???!!! Congrats to you & keep up the good work!!!
  8. Think's Avatar
    Congrats, it is wonderful to see the inches, pounds and sizes going down!

    I want a new dress for New Year's Eve, but having a hard time deciding on the size. Hard to know what my measurements will be at that point and I have to order in the dress!
  9. nasher6's Avatar
    Its happening the same for me also. Normally size 22 - my gosh I can actually get into my size 18 dresses that have been in the wardrobe for ages. Dress today is a 20 and is so loose. I keep pinching myself that I am only 2 weeks out of surgery and the difference is amazing.
  10. BigDogMom's Avatar
    I love your attitude! Congratulations on your major success! I felt the same way about being 289...never again.
  11. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Congrats 2 u! Ive lost 10lbs on my pre-op so far and 10lbs the month b4 that on my own. My sx is Dec 6th
  12. kacie77's Avatar
    I used to love sleeping like that...now I'm a side sleeper! So weird?!?
  13. TheNewKevin's Avatar
    Hi - we're surgery twins, I'm also class of 10/21.

    I can sleep on my back with no pillow under my head, but I like to have a pillow I hold on my stomach.

    I actually get a very stiff neck if I sleep on my stomach, which I use to do all the time pre-op. I'm sure will figure it out with time.

    Good luck!
  14. Karla2's Avatar
    the nurses always told us that apple juice gave babies diahrea
  15. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Aw, that sux Well, call it valuable lesson learned! Good luck 2 u
  16. Readytobethin@51's Avatar
    From what I understand, you can't get dependent on the Miralax, that's the beauty of it.
    I drink 2 protein shakes a day minimum @ 30 grams each. The rest I get from soft fish, egg white, or cottage cheese. Only carbs I eat are veggie ones. Propel water is my favorite! Great flavors, no calories, no fizz!
  17. bikrchk's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Julesmirage70
    do you have any Miralax for the constipation?
    Yes. Taking it. Sometimes 2x day, but I don't want to get dependent on laxatives. My afternoon snack is apple juice. We'll see...
  18. Think's Avatar
    I would encourage you to get your fluids and protein in first, the rest is just extras. As you are able to get your protein in with foods, you can decrease your protein drinks. I will be a month out tomorrow and definitely still depend on my protein drinks to help!
  19. kacie77's Avatar
    I only drink water, tea, and crystal light

    Juice is empty calories and not necessary!

    I only do one protein shake a day and a protein bar and whatever else to get my 60 grams in.
    Remember sip all day and wait 30 minutes between eating! You will figure it all out it just takes time Hang in there!!!
  20. Julesmirage70's Avatar
    do you have any Miralax for the constipation?
  21. bikrchk's Avatar
    Hmmmm... maybe I can use this to combat constipation! Lol
  22. bikrchk's Avatar
    I track my protein carefully on MFP. If I'm short I'll add an extra protein supplement.
  23. purplhouse's Avatar
    I'm in my 280s for the first time in years and already looking forward to being out of them again. Love your attitude!
  24. healthier86's Avatar
  25. ThisIs4Me's Avatar
    Congrats 2 u, keep up the good work
  26. ltlsqueak's Avatar
    Welcome! A positive attitude is always the best. There's a lot of information and helpful people here. Wishing you the best!