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  1. Any Tips on Energy?

    I'm almost 10 months post surgery. I'm almost 20lbs below my goal weight. Feel great. Only problem is I've been running out of energy by 6pm. I usually get up around 5am. I take B12 1500 mg in am. A 1 a day vitamin, 1000 mg vitamin C, and a 1000mg Vit B supplement around 1-2 pm. Been feeling it for awhile, just run out of gas. Has anyone found anything to boost energy? Still exercise a few days a week, but at 44 I shouldn't be ready for bed at 8pm. Dr said Blood Work is fine???????? Posted similar ...
  2. Just past 6 month Surgerversary.

    July 22 was 6 months since surgery. Aug 1st will be 7 months since I started pre op diet.

    Quick update.

    I'm down almost 100lbs.
    Off all meds, can count on 1 hand the amount of times I had to take even a Tylenol.
    No more sleep apnea.
    Went from size 44 pants, and 3x shirt. To 32 pants and L shirt.
    Love walking into a store and buying something off the rack, and looks like the current styles.
    Went from sitting on the couch everyday, ...
  3. Correction.....5 Month update (Not 6 Months)

    Correction I was 1 month ahead of myself. Yesterday 6/22/14 was my 5 month anniversary since surgery. Started this year at 290lbs on Jan 1. On Jan 22 day of surgery, I was about 265lbs. Few minor aches the 1st few days after surgery (GAS PAIN). Other then that have not had any real issues. Head games have been big issue. There are days when I miss eating, those days I take extra walks past a mirror. The change has been incredable. I went from size 44 pants and 3xl shirt. Now I can fit into 32 pants ...

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  4. Tired

    Any help or ideas???? As the day goes on I have been getting very tired lately. Up at 5am. Work, gym, usually shot by 9pm. I take B12, Multi V, protein shakes as well as eat. Check up on blood work came back normal, except was told to increase my protein. Showed low. Any thing I can buy or eat to add a pep in the step? Looks bad when I'm at the gym yawning, but at least I'm there......lol
  5. Veteran Sleever Question

    I'm about 4 months out, still in my Honeymoon faze. Weight loss has been great over 80lbs. Still can not eat a lot (which I'm happy for). I hear a lot about weight gain after a year or so. The questions I have are... Are you able to eat a lot? .Is the weight gain from eating to much? Or Is it the choice of food going in? How much weight gain is expected when you level off? Someone told me 10-20lbs. My goal was at least 215lbs, Should I push to get down 190-195???? Think I would look really sick ...
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