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  1. Not sure if normal ?

    Things have been going well for the most part. I have been losing weight. A lot of times when I eat I get discomfort right where my sternum is. (Pressure). Also get heartburn. Dr put me on prescription Prilosec for a month again. Wants to see me in a month, if continues wants to do endoscopy again. Had a few people mention gall bladder. I hope not. Second issue I'm having is I get so tired. When I started losing weight had a lot of energy. Now I'm not sure if I need better or more vitamins, or am ...
  2. Happy but NEW problem

    My wife convinced me to get new jeans. I hated getting clothes. Anything I got bought and tried on at home. If it didn't fit went in closet unless my wife wanted to return.....HATE everything about feeling FAT trying on clothes. Finally broke down when we were out. Grabbed my normal size 44s to make her happy. Went in to try on. While I was in changing room she went and grabbed a few she liked. Handed over the door. Started laughing "No way in Hell they are fitting". What What, they fit ...
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