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  1. First NUT appointment

    Had my NUT appointment. I was with a great group--we really bonded and talked as we walked to our cars. We wished each other well--it was really special. The NUT gave us TONS of information. We got the dietary guidelines and the pre-op diet. I will have to be on it for one week. I have one more appointment with the NUT in December.
  2. Getting Started

    So, Iíve decided that I want to chronicle my journey. I have read so many other blogs on this site, and love when people tell the good and the bad of this surgery.

    A little about me
    Iím married, have a four-legged daughter named Morgan and live in NJ. I have been overweight most of my life (havenít we all?) Iíve lost 70lbs twice in my life, but alas, did not keep it off. I had my thyroid removed and since then, I have trouble losing any weight AT ALL. Its so discouraging! ...
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