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  1. Nsv!

    Here is a NSV for me. If you are a schoolteacher, you know about the student desks, where the desk and chair are connected. Well, usually when I sit in one, I have to brace myself, and kind of get me and all my people (stomach) in to sit down. I had a meeting yesterday, and just sat down without even thinking about it. When I realized, about 10 minutes into the meeting, I couldn't believe it. I even had space between myself and the desk--like everyone else has!!! Made me feel kinda good!
  2. Here is a POSITIVE POST!

    Hi All,

    I really don't have that much to report--at least nothing new. I was sitting here trying to eat 2 oz of chicken and spinach, and guess what? I can't even finish it! Things have been going well with me and sleevie. So far, there really hasn't been anything that has bothered me going down. The only thing that tastes strange is my Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla!!! I've tried it twice, and it just doesn't taste the same, so I am letting it go for now!

    My NUT ...
  3. Happy, Happy, Happy!

    Today was my second post-op appointment. I am down 24 pounds! I am happy to say the least! Really, I am shocked! I was praying and hoping that my sleevie would work when so many things, including my crazy thyroid, has let me down. I am a believer!!! yippie!! My surgeon was really happy and so was my nutritionist. Great convo with the NUT. She said that I'm still healing and should not be worrying about counting anything! She said don't count calories or protein grams or anything. She ...
  4. Does this sound like a stall?

    Well, Iím 16 days out and Iím wondering if I have encountered my first stall. Now I know what all the drama is about. Even though I said I wouldnít weigh every day, I lied, and have enjoyed watching that scale move down a pound every day. It was a wonderful thing. The last few days, Iíve been at a stand still and of course, I immediately said ďis that all Iím going to lose? Is sleevie broken?Ē Still trying to remain calm, but hoping that scale will move soon.

    I havenít been having ...
  5. One Week Post Op Appointment

    Hello All,
    Today I had my first post op appointment with my surgeon. He removed all of the tape from my incisions--Ouch! He said that everything looked good and that he would see me in two weeks! I got on the scale and the scale made me happy. I am down 15 pounds! wow, I have not ever lost 15 pounds so quickly before.

    Next, I had to see the nutritionist, who moved me on to Stage 2--woot woot! She said that it was important for me to still drink the protein drinks ...
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