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  1. 2 days before surgery......

    I've had quite a bit of time to think about this whole gastric sleeve process and journey. Today begins my 13th day of the liquid diet and all in all I have only been tempted 3 times to go off. I did not however, I thought of all the times in my life I've 'gone off' for this or that and somehow it made my resolve even stronger that I am doing this surgery for the right reasons.

    The months of testing and sometimes annoyances come with this whole journey. I didn't always agree ...
  2. Lots going on this week!

    For all the anxiety I seem to have when I walk into a doctors office this week has not gotten me down yet. Monday I had the pulmonologist appointment and that went well. Tomorrow I have the Psych eval , the nutritionist and sleep apnea study - a fun packed afternoon and evening for me!

    After all that I have my endoscopy in 2 weeks........it's just been a crazy ride but I'm not getting off of it until I get my sleeve! HooRah!!!! lol