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  1. 3 weeks post op

    Thought I would update as I haven't been on here lately. I've been busy adjusting to life with the sleeve. So far I've managed to only have two episodes of eating too much. It really only took that many times before I decided I did not like that feeling at all. Now I slow down and pay attention. I am loving my sleeve more than words could ever express. In the three weeks since surgery I no longer have sleep apnea, high blood pressure, back pain and my blood sugar level is fine so not at risk for ...
  2. Southern Food

    I had an emotional day yesterday. Well more of a head hunger day. As I was strolling though streets in Sydney, I noticed a restaurant called New Orleans Bar and Grill. I immediately stopped and gawked. My mind told me to stay away but my curiosity got the better of me. As I was reading the menu, I almost cried seeing gumbo, jambalaya, Poboys and CORNBREAD. Now someone who is not an expat would not understand what it means to see food that you haven't tasted in years. Craved in those years like crazy. ...
  3. Weight loss

    I had an awesome moment yesterday. It's been rainy and cold here is Sydney so I bought a jacket. Before my preop diet I was wearing a size 24/26. The jacket I bought yesterday was a size 18!!!!!
    All of my clothes are getting too big. I can't weigh myself until my first post op appt on the 11th, but I can already tell I am going to have a decent loss!
  4. Surgery and post op

    I was sleeved on nov 25. It was scary to say the least when I came out of the anesthesia. My stats dropped and I couldn't breathe. They had to bag me. I must have been given something to knock me out for a bit. When I became aware again I was breathing a little better but in some serious pain. After I told the nurse she fixed that right up. I have to say the first few hours afterwards are the worst. It does get better. I was walking laps in my ward later on that night almost like my old self. ...
  5. Surgery done

    I am on the sleeved side! The first day was very rough with lots of pain and trouble breathing. The second day has been a breeze. I'm only allowed ice chips for the 5 days I am in the hospital. It will be interesting to see how I handle liquids afterwards.
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