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Ms. Jupiter

  1. Something to share. I love this!

    I stumbled across this woman's journey and how as an artist she captured so many emotions I am sure every one of us here has felt during some point in our own lives, our own journeys.
    She is a remarkable person to be able to say so much without saying nothing at all. Great work Julia Kozerski. Beautiful!

  2. Lower Body Lift,

    Still waiting.
    I know I said I would keep updates on my lower body lift. Unfortunately there has not been any new updates.
    I am not sure what it is up with my luck,
    but the day before I was to check in for surgery, the surgeon called and had to cancel my surgery date due to an emergency.
    We rescheduled for Sept 21st. I have not been on here due to having to reschedule my entire plans for childcare, petcare, work, and everything else I had already arranged for in ...
  3. Excitement is building!

    Hi Everyone.
    I hope everyone is doing great. It has been awhile since I have got to chat with some of you and read the new posts. It has been a busy summer

    I wanted to share the latest. I am 9 pounds away from losing a total of 200lbs.
    I am so happy with how the last couple years have been going.
    I am also going to a family reunion today. A lot of this side of my family have not seen me since I weighed 350 pounds. So you all can imagine the questions. ...
  4. Getting so close.

    Here I am, getting so close to my goal weight.
    It feels unreal to me. I have lost a total of 185 pounds. It feels great, and I am in good health.
    In 3 more months I will be having my belt lipectomy. I am hoping to be at my goal by then.
    All of my Doctors have gave me the green to start my PS journey. I am going to have multiple procedures for different areas at different times.
    I am excited, and nervous.The healing process seems really intense. I hope I can handle ...
  5. Half my body weight

    Feeling great!

    On Valentine's Day I weighed myself and am so very happy to announce that I am half the person I was at my heaviest. I have gone from 352 to 176 pounds.
    I am so excited and proud of myself.

    It has been hard at times. I am not perfect. I make plenty of mistakes. I have binged more times then I should have on things that I should not be within ten feet of.
    However I pick myself and try harder.

    I want to tell all the new sleevers, ...
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