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  1. OMG..tastes WAY too good to not be bad!

    I haven't really craved sweets since surgery, but it was a cold sleety day yesterday and I thought I'd see what kind of food experimenting I could get into with stuff I had in the fridge and cupboard.

    Ended up with a killer cheesecake. Super simple...cottage cheese, Muscle Milk cake batter powder and a dash of milk. Glad I only had 1/2 cup cottage cheese left or I might have OD'd on the stuff. With a big huge smile on my face. If only a I had graham crackers to sprinkle on top for ...
  2. Love my backyard

    So I thought I'd share some views from my saddle yesterday. That's my dog at the top of the hill in the last picture. He sure slept good last night!
  3. I can't believe that's me!

    (And I'm talking about the before picture)
    Now that I'm below goal, I guess I can officially have before and after pictures....
  4. Expensive NSV for me and my horse

    So I was able to make my old saddle work by adding a seat shrinker pad. It was actually quite comfy. But now my butt has shrunk so much that even that is too big. So I splurged on a new (used) saddle this week! I've always ridden western until my last saddle which was an aussie with a horn. SO comfy! I will never ride anything but an aussie again. So in my search for one that fit both me and my horse, the winner was a Muster Master from Australian Stock Saddle Company. It is a crossover saddle, ...
  5. Great visit from my parents

    My parents were just out for a visit. First time I've seen them since surgery. They were shocked with my appearance and how little I eat, but very thrilled for me and impressed with how healthy I'm eating. My mom said it was disconcerting to look at me and my dad says I look so much more like my sister (Who's always been a skinny little twig)

    I definitely ate things I would not normally eat while they were here because my mom is such a good cook.....vanilla bean ice cream with fresh ...
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