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  1. My life over the last 4 months

    I posted the other day about it being awhile - here are the reasons, all good! We filed adoption papers for a new puppy, Suki, a Brittany who was a rescue from MO in early April and after we got all the home inspections done, vet recommendations and got the go ahead with a transport date of May 23 we made an offer on a new house which was accepted. We signed the P&S paperwork on the 27th the same day Suki arrived out of quarantine. Wow - now I needed to pack and move my household to a new place ...
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  2. 18 mons done

    It has been a while since I've posted. A lot has happened in my life over the last few months. First - I reached the milestone of 18 months and am down another 8 pounds for a total of 115 pounds gone!

    We adopted a new puppy and while we were waiting for her to be transported across country our offer was accepted on my dream home on the lake!

    We closed on the house two weeks ago and started to move in, lost the water pressure tank (we have a well, no public water or ...
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  3. Liquid diet - again

    Back on my pre-surgical liquid diet. Tooth abscess!!! I had the tooth pulled on Friday, but no solid foods for a while. Oh, well, I'll drop some more weight.
  4. Surgical Anniversary

    So I posted quickly yesterday about having my one year surgical anniversary. I am within 2 pounds of the low end of the weight range my surgeon gave me, and I've lost more than 51% of my excess body fat (by September 8 mons out). I didn't lose much muscle during the process so my poundage lost is a little less than they expected, and I actually gained muscle mass during this year. To say I am happy is a massive understatement.

    Clothes shopping is such a joy. I have to reign myself ...
  5. Surgical anniversary

    Well - tomorrow I go have blood work done for my upcoming surgical anniversary appointment. I actually had my surgery on 1/13/14, but my doctor is trying to get all my appointments done this year; so I'll have my "one year" visit a month early. Which is okay as I'm extra motivated to drop a few more pounds before my weigh in and I know that I'll have another month to drop the final couple pounds to reach my surgeon's weight goal. I am so happy with this journey, it is has been the best ...
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