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  1. Embrace Middle Age!

    So, tomorrow's my 49th birthday and I'm not shy about it. I'm in better health in my 40s than before! Gastric sleeve surgery opened a whole new world to me physically and mentally. Here's my latest post on my Down the Scale blog:


  2. 2018 - the year of resolutions

    I can't believe it's 2018 already! The last few months were crazy and I am actually glad to be back to a schedule!

    2017 was a tough year to keep my healthy lifestyle and it was full of ups and downs. I'm glad to be back on track this year. I've shared my thoughts on my blog:


    Best wishes for 2018!
  3. A Year Without a Turkey Trot

    I got the bad news on Friday that I couldn't run my annual Turkey Trot this year due to dental surgery I had. I was so disappointed and at first I wasn't sure why. Then I realized running is part of the "new me." I started running before surgery, but it's been an important part of becoming a healthy person.

    Here's what I wrote about it on my blog, Down the Scale:


  4. Time to Get Mindful Again

    With the food holidays fast approaching, it's time to get mindful about eating. After I inhaled a cookie yesterday and felt horrible, I wrote a blog post about it and what I need to do the next few months.

    No matter how far out you are from surgery, I think it's essential to always be aware of what and WHY you're eating. Here's my latest post:


    Take care,
  5. Really, No One Watches You in Boot Camp

    I used to hate group exercise classes before surgery, but now I'm getting used to them again. Here's my latest post about doing my first boot camp since surgery:


    Do you feel better about exercising after surgery?

    Take care,
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