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  1. fatspidey's Avatar
    I was cleared to take them at my 6 week post op visit.
  2. 619Diva's Avatar
    My doctor said 2 wait at least 6mos 2 use them. He also says only people that have the Gastric Bi-pass can Not take them 4 the rest of their lives.
  3. speedracer's Avatar
    * interesting fact: I had a upper and lower GI a few years ago, and there was NO issues, no damage, no ulcer, no bile reflux, no pain, no NOTHING! So keep that in mind = )
  4. jodib's Avatar
    I can't have it one week before surgery, because they thin the blood. Nothing has been said to me about not having it after surgery.
  5. sleevedinNJ2013's Avatar
    I am on Celebrex for RA which is a NSAID and when I got my EGD I was told that I have a small ulcer that was created by the celerex. Unfortunatly because of my RA I can't come off of it fully but my Rheumatologist lowered my dose.
  6. ScreamAndBeFree's Avatar
    My surgeon said it was okay to take them but advised taking something such as zantac before hand to coat and protect the stomach
  7. Toomuchme's Avatar
    I've taken Advil a few times and I've had absolutely no adverse reaction. It was just like before. I don't remember hearing not to take it.
  8. Breen's Avatar
    I chose this surgery because of the ability to be able to take them. I get migraines and horrid mensrtal cramps. I have been okay to take them since a month out, I take them with a cube of cheese to coat my stomach. Ive had no adverse effects.
  9. Think's Avatar
    They are very hard on your stomach, and if you can get away with them not bothering your stomach even in prescribed doses they can cause liver damage as well. I had back surgery 6 years ago from a work injury, and within 3 months of starting to take a prescribed dose of ibuprofen 3 times daily my liver enzymes rose 75%. The numbers came back down once I stopped taking them, but now I have to be careful to keep the doses to a minimum.
  10. Anissa Christine's Avatar
    I have been taking NSAIDs (with my surgeon's permission) since 3 months post-op. So in other words I have been taking them for 10 months... without any issues.
  11. speedracer's Avatar
    I took ibuprofen after my surgery, 800mg, a few times a week since Feb of this year and I know for a fact its what's been causing my ulcers, bile reflux, vomiting, pain, and suffering! She also said my insides are damaged now! Its also cost me a lot of money! After my upper and lower GI last month, I have to take medication for the rest of my life, because of the damage-

    so learn from me, don't take any NSAIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. SoNotABarbie's Avatar
    NSAIDS are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
  13. Kimpossible318's Avatar
    NSAIDS are anti inflammatory pills - like Advil (ibuprofen).

    I've heard they can cause ulcers, but I have read we should just use them with caution and only when absolutely necessary. I'm totally an Advil girl and can't imagine switching to Tylenol to fix all that ails me.
  14. reading mom's Avatar
    Non Steroid Anti Inflammatory Drugs. Examples are aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen sodium. My doctor said no. Use of nsaids is related to stomach ulcers.
  15. bessie.marshall's Avatar
    I just saw my MD today for 1 month follow up and they told me I could have NSAIDs. And NSAIDs are advil, motrin, aleve.....yada yada yada. I still refuse to take them often, but have back pain and occasionally take 1 for that.
  16. SoNotABarbie's Avatar
    Mainly because they can cause ulcers and bleeding. And you don't have much of a stomach anymore and that kinda doubles the chances of bleeding
  17. Rose69's Avatar
    What are NSAIDS?
  18. speedracer's Avatar
    Well, there is pain, and there is PAIN. Which is it? If its tender, and you cant sleep on it, thats normal. If its sharp, agonozing pain, no matter what you do, you need to call your Dr. I think it was til day 21 I felt agonizing pain, then it suddenly went away-
  19. Sandiegojill's Avatar
    Thank you everyone!!! I just love having you guys to ask questions and share things!!! I really appreciate it!!!
  20. Erina's Avatar
    You are most definitely still healing. You will be for 6-9 mos. Your stomach will at times feel swollen and at other times not so much like you can eat a little more. Just stay in tune to what your body is telling you. More than likely you are sore in your back because when they put you on the table in surgery they flip you upside down, so they can get to your stomach better. It is from being in this position for the duration of your surgery that you sometimes feel sore muscles etc. If it persists for too many days though, I would have it looked at just to be safe. Make sure to be following the diet plan. Sip, sip, sip lots of water/tea and to be eating your soft foods (only approved foods) don't worry so much about diet SF stuff at this point. In my opinion it is so not healthy for you and you did this so you wouldn't have to worry about being on a diet anymore. Just really learn to stay in tune with your body. You will do great.
  21. kaygee's Avatar
    I'm same surgery date as you. I have left pain around toward my side and back. I also developed pain in my lower abdomen yesterday. I have no fear that it is expected and not unusual at all. I never had the left shoulder pain from gas so maybe some if my abdominal discomfort is due to gas. At this point I think we're still healing. I have my first follow up next Wednesday. Do you have a follow up soon? You might be able to call and ask a nurse if you're still worried. It might put your mind at ease.
  22. Kasrocks's Avatar
    Very normal. It will stop eventually. I'm 5 weeks post op and can still feel pain sometimes. Certain positions and pulling stretching. Take every day as it is and heal. Every day should feel better. Good luck
  23. moni7744's Avatar
    i had left side pain for weeks after.. i freaked, but found out its pretty normal.
  24. Soon2bfab's Avatar
    Im 15 days post op and my tummy is still tender. The incision sights are steal healing and my stomache is still swollen. The pain your feeling on your side might be from air or gas pockets. Do a little bit of stretching, maybe it will move the gas or air out of that area.
  25. ladyleegal's Avatar
    Yup, needed to read your post..having surgery on Tuesday (8/6) not scarred at all but feeling a little anxious about recovery. I had my gall bladder removed laparoscopically (sp?) and besides the vomiting in the evening (at home) from, I think, the pain meds rather than the anesthesia, I was feeling pretty darn good the next day...no gas pains either. Hoping, after reading many posts here, that my recovery is a good as most of yours...thanks all for posting.
  26. whistlerpotpie's Avatar
    So glad everything is going so well. I hope my experience is a smooth as yours!!

    Here's to health and happiness!
  27. lisaloves1's Avatar
    Thank you for this post. Thank you, thank you, thank you....I'm going to have my surgery in 3 days and I needed that. haha

    Congratz on your surgery and how you are dealing with it. I remember reading your post a few days ago asking if it gets better and I am so glad it did
  28. Terry521's Avatar
    I just had my surgery on Monday July 29 too. I have the same issue when I take my liquids or even jello. The only way I can describe it is brain freeze in my chest and around my ribs and back. It goes away quickly though. My drs office said that it is normal. I keep my liquids at room temp so as to not be too extreme. I am just finding it difficult to get 64 Ozs of fluid in when you can only drink 1-2 Ozs at a time and only every 15 mins.
  29. Devera's Avatar
    I had my surgery on Monday (July 29). So far so good. I know what you mean about the pain on drinking. That is why they say "little sips" If I didn't, then
    I had a major cramp, so it was a teaching moment - forcing me to take small sips so that pain was minimized. Congrats on your success!
  30. Laural's Avatar
    So glad everyting went well for you. Reading your story reminded me of mine. I too had gas pains the first night and walked the halls, but got easier each day that passed. Congrats to you!
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