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  1. Looking forward to puree foods this week

    I get to start puree foods on Tuesday. I will do this for 1 week. I am excited to see what I can come up with to put into the blender. I must say I am feeling good, the tiredness has pasted, I feel my energy level coming back I am 11 days post op. I have lost a total of 25lbs so far. I am happy but thought it might of been more (this is total of pre op and surgery)

    I had some egg drop soup today it was really good a change from just broth.
    Greg is home and I have been cooking ...
  2. Got in all my Protein yesterday!!!

    I finally was able to work in all my protein yesterday and liquids. I am really liking the Unjury Unflavored Protein. I learned how to mix it in liquids with out it clumping and there is no added taste. I got in 72 grams of protein and was able to swallow all my meds (I take 3 BP meds & 1 cholesterol daily) First few days they were wanting to come back up are felt like they were stuck. Can't wait to be off of med's.

    All in all I feel good, just still feel tired during the day. ...
  3. I am now Sleeved!!!

    I can't believe its all over and I am feeling really well. Only pain I had was after surgery in the middle of my back. The pain medicine took care of that. I woke up this morning feeling good. I have some gas and bloating discomfort. Other than that I am amazed how easy this surgery was for me. I was able to walk out of the hospital today. I started walking since last night.
    Working on my liquids & protein I barley got 24oz down so far today.
  4. 15 Hours...........tell show time

    Surgery in the morning, can't believe it is here

    Got my clearance from the Cardio office today. What a way to spend the last day before surgery.
  5. I think I am going to have a meltdown...........

    Just received a phone call from PA at hospital. Evidently my EKG came back with a irregular heartbeat and now they want me to see a Cardiologist tomorrow. My surgery is Wed. my doctor only does surgery on Wed.
    Please I cannot go through another week of all liquids!!!
    Trying to see if my insurance will pay for a visit to Cardio office. I am self pay for this surgery.
    I want to scream now!!
    I was not a bit nervous about this surgery at all NOW I am shaking!!!!!!
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