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Mandy's Medley

  1. Coffee Drinkers

    I just wanted to talk about coffee. I wasn't a big coffee drinker before getting sleeved and not until recently did I really start drinking it. I have discovered a way to have my protein in my coffee and it tastes way better than mixing it in milk in my opinion.
    First of all, I love hazelnut coffee, and I get decaf. It's hard to find a coffee like that in my local stores, and I've tried others, but I believe the hazelnut to be the best. I've been largely off of caffeine for the last ...
  2. Weird things that bother my pouch

    I have discovered that this pouch of mine can be pretty ornery at times. I love tomatoes and eat them often, but sometimes they bother me something fierce. I couldn't put my finger on it till one day I noticed the difference. I was fine as long as they were peeled! If the tomato was unpeeled, it would bother my stomach for about 20 mins after eating it, but if I peeled it, it wouldn't bother me at all. The same can be said for peaches. Without the skin they are fine, but with the skin I'm ...
  3. I know stalls happen, but it's been 6 weeks :(

    I know stalls happen after surgery and they can be frustrating. I went through a 3 week stall right before my 3 month checkup, and finally lost that last 5 pounds that I needed to before I went to the dr. That was the beginning of June. I now have lost about 5 more pounds since then, but have been stalled pretty much for 6 weeks now . I go up 2 pounds, then down 2-3 and back up. UUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!! I'm now starting to think I need to do the 5 day pouch test thing that I've heard about on here. ...