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  1. A new sport

    greeting and long time no see or talk.

    I am doing good, I know my blood work is low on Iron and my Vitamin D, is low since I do live in Alaska. I have been taking all required medication.

    That is key post surgery and I can say I have been slacking. I remember to take them when I wake up from my after noon nap before work.

    To get into shape I am taking up Rugby, I know its a tough sport and it is very cardio keyed. I have also joined the YMCA, I like ...
  2. Food for thought

    Well I started taking a new anti depressant over the past years, I have lost a job or lost a family member and yes I am talking to a counselor .

    I am on 10 mg does, I have noticed a difference.

    IF you need to take mediation after surgery please talk to your provider, and if it doesn't work please give it time.
  3. Work and being and inspiration

    Well, I have been working a new job, I was talking to a co worker and I told her I had surgery, she was like NO way, I said yes, She said "Jenn, you should do a video and be an inspiration for others, I was like Wow, she is right,,,,so soon I will record a video and let every one know when I post it
  4. Happy 4th of July

    I just wanted to wish every one a Happy 4th of July, I get to work that day.
  5. Up date and a my 41st Birthday

    Well it is has been a while since I last posted, I turned 41, yes 41, I told some people I am 21 with 20 years experience, they laughed.

    I am doing good, I am still in my size 8 pants, I could be a size 6 and still loosing inches, and doing lots of walking of where I work at.
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