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  1. 90 days post op Test results

    It is just about 90 days after my sleeve. I did my H1A test , lipid profile and blood sugar and here is the before and after results :

    HBA1C from 7.4 % to 5.6 %

    Glucose Fasting from 97 mg/dl to 70 mg/dl

    Total Cholesterol from 160 to 167 mg/dl

    Triglycerides ...
  2. Mood swings post op 9 weeks

    I have just realised several things have been impacted post op on the psychological side of my personality . I have become impatient and am not able to tolerate delays and failed commitments . I have started shouting at people for their failures and even with near and dear ones I have been ruthless . I was not like thus before the sleeve . Have any of you felt like this post op.? Is this something that is unrelated to the surgery ? I also see pimples in my face which I never had before. My DOC ...
  3. Almost 8 weeks post op

    I just returned from a business trip . 4 days in a Hotel in Hong Kong and totally with strangers was a very nice change . I just had 3 meals each day , mostly dim sum and chicken . Did not cheat on food . Walked for hours in the exhibition and had a good experience seeing Chinese companies and their innovative marketing . Since my surgery , I have not had a drop of alcohol nor had a smoke. I had the urge to go for both since I was all alone , but good sense prevailed and I managed without both . ...
  4. Strange are the ways of life

    Just last week , I was a happy go lucky person , smoker , slightly obese with Type 2 Diabetes and a bad lipid profile . Today is the seventh day of my gastric sleeve and my second day at home , I feel so strange and different that I wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. After my surgery I had some breathing issues which worried my doctors who kept me under observation at the ICU and let me go home only after they were fully satisfied.

    I had taken the decision to go for bariatric ...