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  1. Big changes

    So I'm 7wks 5 days so far & feeling pretty good. We started to do up my son's new bed room. He is going to go w/ a grey & red color scheme. My husband ordered Mikey's big brother shirt last night. That's how we are going to announce our pregnancy on Facebook. Hubby already started a target,Walmart & Amazon baby registry for me lol. We hope to have MIKEY moved into his new room by July. We're going to be very busy these next few months. This weekend we have our spring dinner then on Monday ...
  2. Pregnancy update

    Went for a viability ultrasound today. Alls well! I'm 6 wks 2 days & we got to see baby's heartbeat!!! 122bpm/ minute. It's finally starting to sink in! Getting excited!
  3. I'm pregnant

    So I went for my 2 ultrasounds today to find out why my uterus was large. I'm pregnant!!! 5 weeks!!! I was shocked!!! I thought I was going through early menopause!!! I'm 38!!! I just told my 11 year old son last week when he asked what were the chances of me having a baby in the next couple of years were. I told him slim to none!!! I never in a million years expected to be pregnant again!!! I'm 38 & my husband is 39 w/ diabetes. I thought one of us had dead sperm or eggs. Guess not!!! I'm 18 ...
  4. I worked out!!!

    Went back to the gym w/ my friend Lois today after work. I haven't been in 2 months. And she quit cross fit 2 months ago. We started by doing 5 minutes on the eliptical then we moved on to back & legs & core & ended w/ arms. I actually did 10 pull up leg crunches. Never did that before!!! I didn't think I had the upper body strength to pull that off so I surprised myself!!! After I worked out I went in the vibra shake & then the tanning bed & got my chest a little red. Came home ...
  5. Lady issues & I rock

    So last week I had my annual & my gyno told me my uterus felt volumous. I told him my periods have gotten progressively worse the last 6 months & my cramps are intolerable the first couple days. He said that's not good & scheduled me for an ultrasound next week to check. Then I go back to him the following week for the results. Now my periods 4 days late. Ugh! Last week I filled in for my boss while she went to visit her daughter & yesterday & today I worked for her because she ...
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