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  1. Check me out

    Went back to work for the first time this school yeAr & boy did I get compliments! Got called skinny minny! After work I took my butt back to the gym to get my sweat on & I was getting smiled at & checked out by a few men! Lol! Younger guys than me too! Put a little bounce in my step! And my arm band that I put my cell phone in goes up to my upper arm now! Before it would only fit my forearm! Love seeing the results of all my hard work!
  2. Small scrubs

    Got called to work in the cafeteria on Friday. Had to go buy new scrubs because all I had were lg & one pair of md. So I try on some md & they're too big! I'm in a size small scrub pants & top!!!! I used to wear 3x!!! Never did I think I'd wear a small in anything!!! So proud of myself!!!
  3. Fat shaming

    Warning I am going to be brutally honest here but I know I won't be the only one who feels like this. I have always had a "problem" w/ fat people. Women especially. I think a lot of it had to do w/ the self loathing I had for myself. You see I was raised w/ a verbally abusive father who called us names like l10-11? And wide load & would make comments when my sister & I ate & especially if we asked for seconds. He wasn't always mean just when he would get mad which was a lot. ...
  4. New look

    Just got back from getting my hair done. I had it colored & got long layers cut in taking 4"off!!! Just touches the tops of my shoulders now!!! Big change!!! I'll try to post pics later. I feel great!!! It's very Marilyn Monroe ish!!! All I need is the dress & a fan!!!
  5. Treating myself we'll

    So today I woke up early had some coffee then took my butt back to the gym!! Haven't been there since 6/23!!! Did my upper body workout (going to feel it tomorrow) tanned,did the vibra shake then the hydro massage. Drank a protein shake then came home & put a deep conditioning hair mask on & a coal polishing mask on my face. Going to start treating my body we'll again! Going to concentrate on getting in as much protein as possible & up my fluid intake. Really want to get down to 150 ...
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