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  1. busy mama

    Hi guys!!!!
    Just went back to my last post on here & it's been quite awhile! Summer was non stop for us. Worked every day except the first week of school getting out to the last week before school started & mikey had football practice every weekday. Max has progressed so much w/ his speech therapy & ot therapy to the point he no longer qualifies for ot & barely qualifies for speech. He's speaking more than signing now which is very helpful & I started potty training him ...
  2. just checking in

    Hi all! Just checking in because its been a long time. let's see-Max our surprise baby is now 2yrs & 4mo. He's extremely active & curious & very stubborn & smart but still hardly talking so we have speech & ot therapy once a week. He signs like jane goodall though lol or so my mom says. My other son is getting ready for his confirmation & 8th grade formal & is doing weight lifting 2 days a week to get ready for football season. Hubby's doing great getting ready for our ...
  3. heavy holidays

    so hi all!!! I realized I've been mia for almost a year. so here's an update on me as of late. The baby just turned 2!!!! Oldest is 14!!!! And surprise surprise (extreme sarcasm) I haven't lost any baby weight!!!! As a matter of fact I'm 5lbs over than when I gave birth!!!! So disappointed w/ myself but I have fallen so far off the wls wagon it has run me over!!!! We stopped nursing at 17mo so I was hoping to get back on track but alas that was 7 mo ago. My oldest wants to go to planet fitness w/me ...
  4. we have a walker

    so Thanks be to God the stomach flu has been eradicated from my house!!!! Also came home from working 6:30-3 & the baby took about 6 steps on his own!!!! My baby's growing up too fast for me!!
  5. Stomach flu 2017

    well its been awhile since I've been here. Christmas was great then that night I got the flu & was sick the entire break! Regular flu. Start back to work Jan 3 & everything is going great. Take both my sons to their check ups after work & 2 days later my 13mo old starts vomiting & diarreah. Back to dr. He then basically tells me I brought him in too soon & its not a reaction from his vaccines. Okay take him home & by 9 that night he's vomited 5 times. Call him & he apologizes ...
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