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  1. I need to vent sorry for the language

    So the night we left daytona I called my mom. She was leaving to go on a cruise that weekend. I asked her if my brother was driving her out to my aunts house in Ohio & she said no my sister was. I asked her if he was picking her up & she said my sister was. I said ok did she get the full time job across from the drug store in town & she said no she's not working now. I asked her what do you mean? She said she quit her part time job because she's too stressed & now she's on fucking ...
  2. Last day of vacation

    So today's the last day of our vacation. We've been visiting my in laws for 2 weeks in daytona. Only went to the beach one day because it's been cold here. No sunny days. But the day we did go I layed out in my first ever bikini!!! Hubby took a pic of me & put it on fb! I got small black boy shorts & a medium peach crochet bra style top. I rocked it!!!! I looked good & for the first time in my life didn't worry about my size or if people were looking at me. I turned heads!!! And ever ...
  3. Insomnia

    So I got a little drunk last night after we got back from swimming. And no matter how hard I tried I could not fall asleep so at 7 I just gave up & made a pot of coffee. On my 3rd cup using my protein shake as creamer. Plan for the day is to hit the thrift shops. Hoping to get some new scrubs for work & see what else I can find. Getting along really well w/ my mil which is a huge giant improvement!!! Hope it continues!
  4. Shopping pleasure & looking hot

    So my mil introduced me to beals outlet. Omg!!! I freaking love that store!!!! I bought a denim long sleeve shirt w/ rhinestone buttons in small, a pair of denim shorts, 2 pair of denim capris in size 6 a 2 piece bathing suit in md & blIndy wedge sandals for $120!!! Then we went to target & I bought black boy short bottoms in small & a crochet style halter bikini top in medium! I can honestly say that I've never worn a bikini since I was 5!!!! I'm so excited to go to the beach Thursday!!! ...
  5. Vacation woes

    So I'm on vacation w/ my hubby & son. We drove down to daytona to stay w/ my in laws for 2 weeks. First I had to board my Sheltie Shawn & I cried & cried leaving him! Then we got on the road & we made it to orange burg sc where we stopped for dinner & a hotel for the night. The next morning we got back on the road & kept seeing billboards advertising peach world in Georgia. So we decided to check it out. Imagine our surprise to find that peach world was a little wooden shack ...
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