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  1. Odd question

    So last night my husband & I went to dinner at pies & pints. I got a half pint of cider & it was carbonated so I sipped it slowly. I mentioned to my husband that I was worried about damaging my sleeve. He said you're fully healed by now! My surgery was on 9/23/13. I said that I hoped so but I still worried. When I did jury duty last month I didn't set off the metal detectors. So here's the question- what happened to my staples that sealed my sleeve? Do they dissolve over time or does ...
  2. Mashed potatoes kicked my ass today!

    So I worked 6:30-1:30 today and my first job was to make 13 pans of mashed potatoes. I was a total mess!!! I had on an apron but I had mashed potatoes on the apron both my shoes and my visor! Then I had to make 200 + bowls of mashed potatoes popcorn chicken, corn, gravy & cheese w/ a roll. It was crazy hectic but I got through it w/ flying colors!!! My boss was really proud of me & asked me to do the mashed potatoes again next week lol! I came home & put on a hydrating deep cleanse ...
  3. Tmi monthly issues

    So have any of you ladies noticed changes w/ your monthly cycles since being sleeved? I have my period this week & my cramps are so bad that I called in sick to work Monday & have been taking hot baths w/ Epsom salts everyday & the past 2 nights I've taken muscle relaxers. It feels like each month it gets worse. I go for my annual on April 2 & plan to talk to my gyno about it. I'm 38 so no chance of peri menopause yet. Just curious if anybody's noticed if your periods gotten worse ...
  4. Mom jeans & emotional vampires

    I worked yesterday w/ my husband & friends & wore my new red Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. My friend Sarah, hubby & my son said they looked like mom jeans because they are high waisted. I was a little offended to tell you the truth. Yes I'm 38 & a mom but damnit I'm in a size 6! My sister & I had another big fight the other day & now aren't speaking to each other & my mom of course is taking her side because she's enabling her & not talking to me either. We were supposed ...
  5. Busy bee

    So my sheltie loves the snow!!! He's been out at least 8 times this morning already! He just likes to run through it lol! I've been busy in the kitchen! Made pumpkin protein cake & chicken,quinoa & white bean chili & cheddar corn bread for dinner. I won't put protein powder in the corn bread though lol! But every time I bake I add about 3 scoops of vanilla protein powder. I figure if I'm going to have a piece of cake it better have protein in it lol!
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