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  1. Shopping pleasure & looking hot

    So my mil introduced me to beals outlet. Omg!!! I freaking love that store!!!! I bought a denim long sleeve shirt w/ rhinestone buttons in small, a pair of denim shorts, 2 pair of denim capris in size 6 a 2 piece bathing suit in md & blIndy wedge sandals for $120!!! Then we went to target & I bought black boy short bottoms in small & a crochet style halter bikini top in medium! I can honestly say that I've never worn a bikini since I was 5!!!! I'm so excited to go to the beach Thursday!!! ...
  2. Vacation woes

    So I'm on vacation w/ my hubby & son. We drove down to daytona to stay w/ my in laws for 2 weeks. First I had to board my Sheltie Shawn & I cried & cried leaving him! Then we got on the road & we made it to orange burg sc where we stopped for dinner & a hotel for the night. The next morning we got back on the road & kept seeing billboards advertising peach world in Georgia. So we decided to check it out. Imagine our surprise to find that peach world was a little wooden shack ...
  3. Family discord

    So the other day I asked for prayer for my sister. Well she took offense to that calling me a mouthpiece to the world & that I was self centered & wanted to make it all about me. Then she called me daddy's girl bringing up my issues w/ my father. then I told her to look in the mirror & didn't she marry her daddy. Then she said you mean my non porn addicted husband? I can't complain. That's when my bitch switch got flipped into overdrive! She brought up something about my husband from ...
  4. Prayer request

    I need a favor. My sister is in need of a lot of prayers. 2 days ago she went into a catatonic state from stress! Her life is chaotic! Her husband hasn't worked in 3 years due to health issues but he's been denied disability twice & she's been paying his child support & working part time trying to find a full time job in her field. He's a John Wayne type who doesn't help her out around the house or cook. I am terrified for her that she is going to have a stroke or worse! So please pray for ...
  5. Another snow day for me

    So no work for me again today but my son had school. So I made myself useful & did a load of laundry,took a hot shower & made a pot of broccoli cheese soup & corn muffins for dinner & dark chocolate & pecan brownies for dessert. Been freezing all day so I made my protein shake w/ warm milk. It's just going to keep getting colder. Low tonight is 1!!! Going to wear my thigh high socks & my flannel granny nightgown. Stay warm everybody!
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