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  1. Mom jeans & emotional vampires

    I worked yesterday w/ my husband & friends & wore my new red Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. My friend Sarah, hubby & my son said they looked like mom jeans because they are high waisted. I was a little offended to tell you the truth. Yes I'm 38 & a mom but damnit I'm in a size 6! My sister & I had another big fight the other day & now aren't speaking to each other & my mom of course is taking her side because she's enabling her & not talking to me either. We were supposed ...
  2. Busy bee

    So my sheltie loves the snow!!! He's been out at least 8 times this morning already! He just likes to run through it lol! I've been busy in the kitchen! Made pumpkin protein cake & chicken,quinoa & white bean chili & cheddar corn bread for dinner. I won't put protein powder in the corn bread though lol! But every time I bake I add about 3 scoops of vanilla protein powder. I figure if I'm going to have a piece of cake it better have protein in it lol!
  3. Maybe a 4 day weekend?

    We have a snow day today!!! It's 18 degrees & we have about a foot of snow already & it's still coming down. Our road is completely white! I let my sheltie out to go & he was bounding through the snow lol! It's up to his chest & he comes up to my knees. I checked the weather & it's supposed o be -4 at 7 am tomorrow! My co worker is already calling a 4 day weekend lol! She called today on Tuesday lol! She loves snow days more than most kids!!! Both my boys are still asleep but ...
  4. Old dog new trick

    So I had a great day at work today!!! I learned a new skill to my job. I learned how to use the new pos system. I watched for the first lunch then jumped on & rang through all the kids in the 2nd & 3rd lunches. Then at the md of the day the drawer was even which means I didn't make any mistakes & even taught the lady teaching me how to take a payment easier! Go me!! Whoot whoot!!!
  5. Early morning rant

    I'm up early. Have to be at work at 7. So I'm enjoying my coffee on this rainy Wednesday morning. We're supposed to get 3-6" of snow tonight into Thursday. I'm so over winter!!! I met w/ my therapist yesterday & we talked about how my dad's abusive dialog is still in my head & how awful both my grandmothers were. My dad came from an abusive mother so he in turn was abusive. I broke the cycle. My mom is back from her cruise w/ my dads sister who is a wonderful joy filled person-she takes ...
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