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  1. Amazing Awareness

    I'm so happy I stumbled on to this site. Through it I've received so much information, it's actually reaffirmed my reasons and decision for the surgery.

    To know the risks, and specific things to mentally and physically prepare for, not only presently, but in the future, gives me such power over my fears. To be aware of the struggles and hurddles I may have to face, and have the determination to go forth in spite of them is an amazing feeling.

    To know that my life has ...
  2. I dreamt with it!

    So I finally told my best friend the decision I've made about having surgery. Don't know why I put it off; she was so understanding and supportive... more than I thought. After the coversation I went to bed, and remember my last thought being how I might want to start getting used to sleeping on my back, so that after surgery trying to sleep won't be so uncomfortable. Fell asleep on my belly anyways.

    I began to dream that I was home newly sleeved trying to get around. So far I've ...