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  1. Lessons I've learned 6 years post sleeve!

    This is what I have learned over the past 6 years post op!

    Your sleeve is a tool. It's not the end all. You must watch what you eat. I was horrified that I had lost weight from 213 to 162 lbs and then went back up to 195 (July 2018) Currently, I am at 169 lbs (01/05/2019) and more fit.

    When you are able to eat solid food, I recommend a group on Facebook called Push For Your Better by Amy Smith. I am still a sugar/carb addict. This is the main reason why I gain ...
  2. Toning Exercises

    Welcome visitors,
    I've been asked questions regarding exercising before and after being sleeved to help tone.

    PRIOR TO STARTING TO WORKING OUT, YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS: Stop eating the crack food (high carbohydrates, sugars, sodas, chips, candy, bread, etc).

    START: High, clean protein (lean meats/protein shakes), vegetables.
    WATER, WATER, WATER...do don't forget the WATER!

    FATS: Health fats are the key to keep fat off ...
  3. Updated photo

    I've been requested to post before and after photos. I am the one on the furthest right in the group shot. I don't know how to add additional photos. It only allows me one photo at a time.

    The before shot was taken August 2012 at my 30 year reunion with a high school friend (4 months prior to my surgery December 7th, 2012).

    Have a great week everyone!

    AngelNP (Jen)
  4. Dietary Protein "Eating Your way to proper protein, even when you don't eat meat"

    This is article is by Luncas Dyer, Certified and Licensed Sports Nutritionist in the magazine Jiu-Jitsu:

    I'm going to give the reader's digest version of the article. You body can only absorb 42 grams of protein at one meal unless you have a digestive problem, then you will absorb less. The need factors range from 0.5 (sedentray, no sports training) to 1.1 (heavy weight trainer, athlete doing "2 a days training"). Even though your body will absorb this much protein, ...
  5. Daily Exercise-You Getting Any?

    Quote Originally Posted by AngelNP View Post
    I spent 6 hours with horses yesterday (feeding, grooming, and a three hour ride). Oh, man was I sore last night over my entire body! I lost one lb from last week and excited! I am only 5 lbs short from when my profile was taken in 2009! I'm in a medium tee shirt which I haven't done since high school!
    Zumba tonight for one hour & possibly hitting the gym (eliptical 30 min, light weights for arms, and ab workout!). Looking forward to starting my week off right!
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