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  1. Another day

    I been siting here reading a lot. and thought I would just give my thoughts for the night. I'm now back on track with my weight loss, I have so for lost 4lb. which is good. As I've said in another post, I never meet my goal weight out of the whole 6yrs. But this time I am on it and I will get there for the first time (YYEEESSS).
    I did set my tracker but I should have set it as a restart, however I'm thinking why not remind myself of where I was a few year back. Then watch and work to get ...
  2. Just missing

    I'm here today after not be here for a good while.(shame) but I got to say that I'm tankful for my sleeve journey, It really has be a life changer.

    It was back in 2012 when I got the sleeve done, and I mentioned in someone post that was having the same issues that I am, so that goes without saying it caught my attention when I saw his question. I can honestly say that I have no regrets for getting the sleeve. I did my research, I followed through with everything I needed to do, I ...