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  1. Poop TMI-Caution Turn Back Now if you can't handle it....

    OMFG!!! I had the worst experience yesterday. To give a little back story, I had some real constipation issues the first 10 months post op. It was not fun but I was I dealt with it. I have been regular since then.
    Shoot forward to yesterday. I've been going these last few days but maybe not as "much". And I have been really good on my fluid intake so no issues there. Most of my fluid comes from water because I have always been a big water drinker. Anyways, I really had ...
  2. The Skinny on Sodium Intake

    Due to some medication I am currently on, I am embroiled in an ongoing battle with my daily sodium intake. Some days it is extremely low, which can result in me feeling lightheaded, while other days it is extremely high and I retain fluids.

    I have discussed this at length with the prescribing doctors, which in turn has led to the receipt of two more prescriptions (a potassium supplement, as well as Lasix) as a means of combating this ongoing problem.

    Regarding my ...
  3. Pureed Food

    I'm supposed to start blended/pureed on Monday. I've been really hungry though which I wasn't expecting. I feel like I'm healing really good and I feel great. I blended some chili really well last night and I swear it was the best thing ever lol. Did anybody else ever feel like they were ready for the next phase a bit ahead of time? I also chewed up a piece of gouda really well. It all went down well and I feel great today. I'm even having no trouble going to the bathroom (pardon the overshare) ...
  4. Dr ???

    Has anyone out there had their sleeve done in las vegas by atkinson or soong???
  5. Self-care (Getting Real)

    In light of a post I responded to earlier this afternoon, I chose to do some self-evaluating and self-care implementation of my own.

    Over the course of the past two months, I realize that I have had one hell of a time adjusting to my VSG procedure. For one reason or another, I have encountered struggle after struggle, only to find that I may very well be the reason for the difficulties I have faced.

    I say this, not because I am searching for sympathy, rather so others ...