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  1. Week One!

    Well, here I am...one week out. It's been a trying week! I feel really good considering. I still haven't gotten all of my energy back but as far as pain, there is nearly zero. I ate out today for the first time. My boyfriend and I ate at Ihop. It was really interesting. I got 2 scrambled eggs and a side of grits. Of course I could only eat about 1/8th of it all. It seems like there's SO much food! I can't even believe that I would eat all of that and then some! I also watched other people ...
  2. Post op

    This is like the best thing. I have not had nausea or anything. The docs were great. The result from taking out my childhood scar tissue at the same time was amazing!!
  3. Weight Training and Cardio for Beginners..

    Quote Originally Posted by trexlee001 View Post
    PART 2....

    The weight training part of this program is to be conducted 3 days per week alternating workout A&B on non-consecutive days. For example:

    Week One
    •Day 1 - Workout A
    •Day 2 – 20 min HIIT cardio
    •Day 3 - Workout B
    •Day 4 – 20 min HIIT cardio
    •Day 5 - Workout A
    •Days 6 & 7 – Rest (or you can do 1 HIIT cardio session)

    It’s important that you give your body at least one rest day a week.
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  4. Weight Training and Cardio for Beginners..

    Quote Originally Posted by trexlee001 View Post
    I've been promising to put together a training routine for people that want to maximize their time in the gym. (Add muscle and burn fat ) A program that is geared toward sleevers. So here it is. It's gender neutral so it can followed by both men and women. And ladies you won't look like a body builder if you lift weights. You won't "bulk" up and look like a man. Weight training is just as good for you as it is for us guys.

    I also want to say that I think it's sad that
  5. Hypothyroidism with sleeve

    Hi. I'm 4 weeks post op and getting a little stressed about weight loss so far. I'm only down 13 lbs since my surgery on 11/4/14. I have been very diligent in following the rules and have Ben using the treadmill. Any others out there with hypothyroidism that have experienced the same? I'm so scared that this huge decision may not payoff