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  1. Surgery date change

    I was originally scheduled to have my surgery on December 9th but because I have to get an echocardiogram done next month before I can get medical clearance, I was informed that my surgery is now scheduled for February 12th next year. I guess I feel both disappointed and relieved. Disappointed because I was looking forward to having the surgery sooner than later and relieved because I've been so anxious about having the surgery that I was driving myself a little crazy. Now I have more time to prepare ...
  2. Where Is Everyone...

    I've been on this site for over 8 years and always used it for great information, motivation, fun and making new "virtual" friends. However lately I noticed that many people haven't posted and fortunately, some of the veterans have stayed around which is great I'm wondering why the drop-off of folks and whether or not they'll be back. I'm the first one to recognize that life is busy but it seems many of us took a little time to pose our questions, answer some of the newbies and come ...
  3. 3 months post-op stomach repair

    Hello my friends!

    So the big news of the day, I met the expert (doc for work) this morning, the visit was just a pure waste of time (the guy was plain stupid, I'm so fed up with doctors!) but at least he did agree with my PCP and surgeons: I'm able to go back to work!
    I've been asking my HR to get an appointment since August, but the last expert just retired (he was actually really nice, too bad for us) and they had to find a new expert, and since I have several ...
  4. mil drama & food poisoning

    well it's been quite awhile since I've been on here. The summer absolutely flew past! I've been having some kidney pain since april-may so I've had 2 ultrasounds,bloodwork & a CT scan & I'm now waiting on results. Also had an issue w/ my right arm & neck around the 4th of July where my hand went numb so I'm now doing physical therapy & got a cortisone injection in my shoulder. The whiplash I sustained from my car accident before Christmas never healed completly. Then in August I ...
  5. Notes from bariatric surgery orientation, surgeon Dr. Mark C. Takata, Scripps Hospital, 9/16/2019

    This is my intrepretation from the orientation. There may be content errors; consult with your surgeon if anything is different from what you've heard.

    1. Marcia (mar-see-a) Chavez is the go-to person on insurance and what to do next steps.

    2. Dr. Takata really enjoys being a bariatric surgeon because:
    a. Bariatric surgery makes a giant impact on the lives of patients, more than many other areas, and akin to the impact that organ transplantation has