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  1. Skinny jeans

    My weight loss has slowed way down and I know why. I am eating things I shouldn't. The amount I eat is still small though. I do think I am losing inches. I accidentally bought REAL skinny jeans, the ones with the tiny leg at your calf's and ankles. I put them on and I was very surprised. I looked pretty good in them. I wore them to a church function and I heard that everyone was talking about how good I looked. They had not realized that I had lost that much weight. I decided I needed to ...
  2. How do you keep losing?

    I had my surgery 9/30/2013 and have lost 50 pounds. I have 32 pounds left to be at my goal. Any suggestions how to start losing again? I usually go weeks without losing then all of a sudden I will drop 10 pounds one day at a time. Then the process starts all over. No loss, then 1-1 1/2 months later I will drop more. Anyone have this happen to them? What did you do to make the weight loss ongoing. I really want to get to my goal weight this year and I believe I can get the 32 pounds off.
  3. Extra skin

    Does exercise help with the extra skin? Mine is not bad because I have only lost 52 pounds. But if I could encourage it to tighten a little that would be great. My other problem is my age: 60.
  4. Soooo Happy! 4 months post-op

    I weighed today and I have lost 48 pounds. I am 34 pounds from my goal weight. I am losing about -1-2 pounds a week which is actually a healthy way to lose it. I feel great and am so glad I had the surgery. What a difference it has made in my life. I love to shop for clothes and that I have gone from a size 18 pants to a 10. I even squeezed into a size 8 before Christmas. The first 4-5 weeks was rough because I had a hiatel hernia repaired, but after that part healed things have been much ...
  5. 3 month follow-up

    I saw my surgeon Tuesday and he was pleased with my 43 pound loss. Of course, I was too. If I could just get off this stall. My school is getting ready to start a fitness program after school and I can't wait to join in and try to drop a few more pounds. I am happy to have dropped the 43 and kept it off. A size 10 feels mighty good. Everyone just stay true to yourself and keep your goal in mind. You will succeed.
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