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  1. 2 months

    So, here I am 8 weeks out after my sleeve surgery. I am down 37 lbs, people are starting to notice. Last weekend I had to go out and get some new clothes, my old clothes were too baggy. I started about a size 18/20 and I just bought some jeans in 14s. Oh, I drug up the "skinny clothes" from the basement (12s and 10s) that I've been hanging onto for 10 years! A size 12 looks really small, maybe 10 yrs ago the sizes were smaller. Anyway, I realized that by the time I can actually fit ...
  2. Shoulder pain and man I'm tired!

    Worked today for 5 hours and it was too much....I will definitely follow my body's lead on this journey. I was trying to save my PTO for the holidays, but I will worry about Nov and Dec when they get here, I guess. It's better to get through this time.

    I also am trying to figure out this shoulder pain. I'm a week out...could it still be from the gases they fill you with for laparoscopic surgery? It comes sometime after I drink. It hurts if I hiccup of course, I don't know...it radiates ...
  3. 11 Days Post Op

    I had my surgery on Oct. 14th. Really no problems in the hospital, other than the pain on my left side. My surgery was done laproscopically and was told the insision on my left was where they pulled my stomach out. It's the largest of the 5, and has stitches that go quite deep (to get thru the fat, of course!). I was in the hospital just over 2 days, and was glad to get home. Had no nausea at all, just pain from my incisions, for about a week. For a couple days after I was home, I was really tired, ...
  4. 8 Days Post Op

    I am now 8 Days Post Op and down 18 lbs. since pre-op diet. I wanted to write a little about my surgery experience. I am an ex bandster and going into this surgery thinking after I had the band this surgery would be a walk in the park. I am here to definitely tell you that it was not that for me. After the surgery, I was so sick from the anesthesia. Then I had the nurse from hell or she didn't know what she was doing. I am here to tell if the stuff they are putting in your IV is not suppose ...
  5. Week 3 Feeling Nauseated all day Everyday


    Had my surgery done on 9/30 and everything was going great. I felt great no issues. Liquid diet went fine and the transition to mushie food went ok. Last Friday, I woke up nauseated and have been that way ever since. I dry heave anytime I eat or drink something. I went back to liquids and it's not helping. I feel horrible. I'm not getting enough to drink or enough protein. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do about it.