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  1. 2018 is starting out fabulously!

    So as many of you know, I interviewed for a promotion at work a while back. Didn't get it but it was great to be interviewed since they only interviewed 25 out of over 250 applicants. There are more positions opened so I applied again. Today I got an instant message to contact the hiring manager. I figured she had a question regarding something on my resume. Instead she told me that I did not need to interview and that they were offering me one of the 11 positions that are opened this time. ...
  2. Ah the ol 1.5 week stall I've heard so much about

    oh wait. Wasn't that supposed to be 3 week?
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  3. 8 weeks post op update

    Hallo Possums,
    So 8 weeks post op already! The time flies doesn't it?!
    Well so far I've lost around 14kg so around 30 pounds. Hurrah! I've got about 9kg to go to my first goal weight and then I might choose to drop another 5kg. But regardless it is all wonderful and fun and it has got so much better week by week.

    As I've said in the past the first few weeks are a bit up and down and the tiredness is gahhhhhh, but it improves and i have felt a lot more energy of late. ...
  4. Super Excited!

    Hi All,

    I have been following a program which allows me to eat small portions that can easily go down after the surgery in which we can fuel ourselves properly in a easier way so it can aid in the healing and success of the gastric sleeve surgery. Iíve learned to eat again (normally), I have a huge support system, and most importantly I am on track to living a healthier lifestyle. The program is consisted of eating 6 meals a day. (5 small portions from the company) and 1 meal in which ...
  5. Follow Your Gut

    So after feeling like crap all week and knowing that I could feel a whole lot better I went to the ER on NYE. What I found out confirmed that I should be concerned. First, my potassium was low even though i am on meds for it, second I have a UTI (had no clue but when I gave a urine sample it was brown ), third i have sludge in my gallbladder even though I'm on medication for that as well.

    Apparently my Lupus has decided to rear her ugly head and send my body into a tailspin. I ...