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  1. UGH, life

    Well lots going on, I know I really havent written much in a long time.

    I for one am thankful for a full time job, I love working where I am working now.

    On another hand my older brother is really sick and the outcome is not good, I know I realized today, I hope I don't fall into the bad habits and not get depressed, I am dealing the best way I can. I will choose not to eat more than should, I know this is a hard time fore me, I know I havent cried and I know I should. ...
  2. hair loss

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ID:	24944There is hair loss from today.
  3. Decisions Decisions

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxine7290 View Post
    My surgery date is Sept 29th and now. I wonder if I should do this. I am 66 years old and would love to hear from people my age, hurry please. I am really nervous.
  4. Feeling nervous and kinda scared..

    My surgery is 9/28 and I am starting to get nervous and a little scared..I don't know why..I have been so excited and glad that I have come to the point that I have my date and everything and the last week I started feeling this way..I hate it..Has anyone felt this way? What did you do to over come it?
    BTW my husband is a little upset with me that I am letting that feeling get the best of me. He had the Gastric Bypass done 5 yrs ago so I know what to expect and so forth..which I was totally ...
  5. Another Fortnight, another pound

    Weighed in today at 204, down a pound from 2 weeks ago. Not at all disappointed. I have been doing plenty of resistance training and my BF% keeps dropping. I'm sure I lost several pounds of muscle during my injury exercise hiatus. I have been concentrating on upper body and shoulder weightlifting. Labor Day weekend I have friends coming to my home in NH who want to join me on some mountain hikes and some kayaking and paddleboarding. In years past we focused on what was on the menu and we drank ...