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  1. Dead to Me (R.I.P. Electronic Scale)

    As the title of this blog post implicates, the digital scale my wife and I were using has finally stopped working. What I thought was a simple battery fix is in all actuality the result of water inadvertently dripping into the numbers reader. From that moment on, it will only read "error."

    "Error." I have to laugh at that because no truer statement could come from that monstrosity of electronic garb. It had become the bane of my existence, and as such, I found ...

    Quote Originally Posted by SouthernGirl View Post
    I am scheduled for a sleeve on June 25th! I am terrified about the entire process. One minute I'm doing it and the next I want to cancel. Any help here?
  3. The sleeve and the hammer.

    As some of you may know, I am constantly doing research and browsing through the internet, to learn as much as I want to about the sleeve and other wls procedures.
    Yesterday I came across a youtube video from Dori'sJourney and she had a great analogy, I thought I'd share.

    Our sleeve is a tool, just like a hammer.
    You want to use that hammer to hang up a picture on the wall.
    So you find yourself a nail and start hammering.
    After you hit the nail two or ...
  4. 29 months, meeting my new/old plastic surgeon

    I had reconstructive surgery in my 20's.
    I thought my surgeon had retired but he actually went back to work this year after a yatus so I made an appointment to meet him and saw him on Wednesday.
    The very famous professor I saw in Paris in September was nice...but I think I like my old doc better..

    It was a really interesting consult, and we decided on a date, and will take it from there...as my doc said : "you need the surgery, don't over think it, we will deal ...
  5. dietitian visit

    I saw the dietitian today and she was very happy with my progress. I am happy to say that she told me I am way ahead of where they expected me to be at this stage. I am apparently ahead of what is expected of bypass surgery people. I am so happy with this news, as I was worried I was not losing enough. She would like me to sort out my bowel problems though. She said I can try and increase my food consumption, but she is happy with what I am eating. I said I just try and listen to what my body needs. ...