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  1. Here's Your Sign

    So...my wife and I were out shopping earlier today when I thought I might take it upon myself to look for a scale. My thought regarding this matter was "what if I want to take a peek now and again?" My wife was against it from the moment I had the idea, and you want to know something? She was right.

    We looked all over the store for a scale - any kind of scale for that matter - and could not find a single one. I found this interesting in light of my most recent revelation. ...
  2. I'm going to take a break today.

    I posted yesterday about the chaos in my life. The second I hit post and slipped into the tub with a bath bomb my mother called asking me to come pick up my dad so she could go to the doctor. What makes that exciting (except not at all) is that my dad also cannot walk. He had his knee removed in early May. I had 3, yes THREE grown people in my care with mobility issues. It became a sideshow where all I could do was shake my head and wonder if this was real life.

    Dad and husband. ...
  3. 9 Months Post-op (and other off topic subjects)

    Well, it would seem I have missed my 9 month post-op anniversary, but it was for good reason.

    I was on vacation in Minnesota over the course of the past couple of days. My wife and I (along with my mother-in-law) spent the past two days in Minneapolis wherein we took in a Boston Red Sox/Minnesota Twins baseball game!

    To say this was a good time was the understatement of the season. Although my beloved Red Sox ultimately lost with a final score of 6-2, I had the time ...
  4. Send help! SOS!

    You guy, I'm so tired! I mean, I'm always tired, but now I'm really really tired. Anyone that's ever read anything I've ever written knows I'm lazy (and love my junkfood), so best believe I'm over here having a pity party for myself.

    So you know I live in two different places, right? Monday through Friday I live in a handicap accessible apartment with my adult daughter who is dependent on me for care after becoming brain injured from VSG surgery 2.5 years ago. On the weekends I get ...
  5. Dead to Me (R.I.P. Electronic Scale)

    As the title of this blog post implicates, the digital scale my wife and I were using has finally stopped working. What I thought was a simple battery fix is in all actuality the result of water inadvertently dripping into the numbers reader. From that moment on, it will only read "error."

    "Error." I have to laugh at that because no truer statement could come from that monstrosity of electronic garb. It had become the bane of my existence, and as such, I found ...