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  1. Hunger is under control!

    I am so thankful I found this website! I have gotten so much helpful information and support! I am no longer hungry! It is a mental battle for sure. Yesterday I stayed on my pre-op diet all day. 5 o'clock is my trouble time. Home from work and I just want to dive right in to mindless munching. Yesterday I fixed some Unjury chicken soup and it was Amazing! I have discovered that I prefer a warm savory mug of "soup" for a meal replacement rather than the sweet shakes. I actually feel like ...
  2. Back to the Grind-Same ol' Same ol'-Underwires-How low do they go?

    Happy to report that I am already back down to my pre vacation weight of 117!! So that little gain did not last when I went back to my regular eating.
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    So everything is going well. I am really, really starting to prefer to wear skirts now. Even at work. Today I wore a skirt and wedges and felt amazing. I used to only wear jeans to work for comfort but now I feel comfortable in just about anything. I kinda felt like Pretty Woman in my outfit...minus ...
  3. Im so scared of failing!!!!

    i have my date already. but the problem for me is knowing when to start doing a low calorie diet. i was only told to do a liquid diet for 5 days before my procedure. they never said anything about doing a low calorie diet or anything else for prior to surgery.

    Also my next issue is that my family at home is not very supportive of anything. I have already been mentioning the fact that im not supposed to be eating any beef or pork. but the more that i express any of this ...
  4. I'm doing much better!

    Thanks to those who responded to my last post. I did great on my pre-op diet yesterday! I have the right mindset now! It makes better sense to me now. I stayed busy yesterday and out of the kitchen. I told my family they have to be responsible for getting their own dinners. (They are adults) I advocated for myself and explained that I needed to concentrate on my needs right now. It felt good. I am a caretaker. Now I am committed to taking care of me! It's just shakes, lean meat, and green veggies ...
  5. Struggling with pre-op diet

    Hi all,
    I am hungry! I do OK until dinner time and then I eat more than I should. Still no bread or pasta but I had a baked potato with my chicken breast. Should have been just non starchy veggies. I will try harder tomorrow. I really am hungry. I wish I had someone to just put it in front of me. I woke up last night at 3:17 hungry. I got a shake. That was a victory. I am scared I won't lose enough on this diet. I am supposed to lose 10-15 lbs on 2 week pre-op diet. My nerves are going too. ...