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  1. mil drama & food poisoning

    well it's been quite awhile since I've been on here. The summer absolutely flew past! I've been having some kidney pain since april-may so I've had 2 ultrasounds,bloodwork & a CT scan & I'm now waiting on results. Also had an issue w/ my right arm & neck around the 4th of July where my hand went numb so I'm now doing physical therapy & got a cortisone injection in my shoulder. The whiplash I sustained from my car accident before Christmas never healed completly. Then in August I ...
  2. Notes from bariatric surgery orientation, surgeon Dr. Mark C. Takata, Scripps Hospital, 9/16/2019

    This is my intrepretation from the orientation. There may be content errors; consult with your surgeon if anything is different from what you've heard.

    1. Marcia (mar-see-a) Chavez is the go-to person on insurance and what to do next steps.

    2. Dr. Takata really enjoys being a bariatric surgeon because:
    a. Bariatric surgery makes a giant impact on the lives of patients, more than many other areas, and akin to the impact that organ transplantation has