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  1. Happy

    Look what happened! Meg asked me to take her shopping. She has not agreed to and especially not asked to go shopping in the 3.5 years since her illness. I'd rather be eaten by bears than go shopping, but you can bet I hopped off my butt, and loaded her up before she could change her mind. She has been doing so well mentally this last month. She even invited a boy to come over this weekend!! Oh how it makes this mama's heart happy to see her finally trying to join the world again. I sure hope it ...
  2. Gastric Sleeve in Prague

    I went to Prague (Bruno) in May 20th and had my Gastric Sleeve operation on 21st May. The clinic was amazing, clean, very efficient and the Staff were fantastic. I would definitely go back for a tummy tuck in the future. I have lost 3st and 5lb to date so far. I donít have any regrets and feel so healthy and happy. I still have a way to go with my weight loss but its moving in the right direction. I aim to eat a high protein diet and find this easier to follow.
  3. Our Sweden trip, boondocking

    Maybe you like to know, what our life looks like, living fulltime in a RV.
    I thought I would give you a little insight.
    We love to stay at lonely places, and enjoy the nature surrounding us.
    All alone (which is not the same as lonely), with the peace and the quite.
    At this moment we found a place to set up camp, deep in the woodiewoods, where practically no people live.
    We make our own electricity, we have propane tanks on board and we can make drinking water by ...
  4. Summer

    It's been a great summer!

    The first of June we went to Destin, Florida with a bunch of friends. Rented a house and pontoon boat with double slides. Had a jolly good time.
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    July sent us to Cleveland, Ohio where my husband's family lives. His mom is in the end stages of glioblastoma, so we're heartbroken at what we're facing, but so glad we got to see her. I got to enjoy the fireworks for 4th of July while there.
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  5. We are back in Sweden

    Almost one year after the lost blog post, we are back in Sweden.
    This time, however, we will travel to the utmost northern coast of the European continent, far beyond the Polar Circle.
    Weather permitted, of course.
    I looked it up, we are travelling up to 71 degrees latitude, which is the European equivalent of the most northern part of Alaska, Barrow, even beyond Prudhoe Bay.
    We are really excited!
    We hope for a wonderful time of hiking, campfires and spotting ...