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  1. 4 + years out update

    Hello my fellow sleevers! Just a quick update. I am still maintaining my weight loss. I do think i can eat more then i use to, but am not gaining weight. I can eat 1/2 a peanut butter jelly sandwich for lunch. i can carefully eat a 1 piece of pizza for dinner, if i eat 2 because i am stupid and irresponsible then i puke up my dinner and feel horrible! Soft mushy food still feels and sets better then solids. Staying hydrated is still something i have to be diligent about. I still do not drink my ...
  2. Identity Crisis, sometimes you lose more then fat

    I went to a funeral yesterday. I ran into a dear old friend i hadn't seen in a while. I hugged her and we started talking politely, then she said "OH my gosh!Hug me again!" (her first hug was kinda wimpy) Now she hugged me really good like she really MEANT it this time and said "When i first hugged you i didn't know who you were, I just didn't recognize you!" Similar reactions continued the rest of the day from dear old family friends and relatives. Funerals are emotionally ...

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  3. Take care of your emotional needs

    A newbie on here is having trouble with this so i thought i would share my advice with Everybody on here as i feel this is really important. If you are feeling like your nerves are "raw" and cant tell if you are sad or angry but you know you just don't seem to be coping well with daily life there is something to take into consideration.First I just want to assure that what you are feeling is "normal" but it is also a warning. There is a good chance You are grieving your old ...
  4. A new observation by Rainbow

    When i was first sleeved, it was a challenge to get used to eating such small portions. It felt so unnatural and my body had this strange kind of sensation as i was losing the weight like i was STARVING to death. It was burning my fat stores and I knew that was the whole point, but it was very unsettling physically and psychologically. The first year i felt VERY self conscious eating in public or around other people. My small portions made me feel like a freak. Sometimes people would comment on ...
  5. When do you STOP loseing weight?

    This is a great question! You don't stop losing weight usually until you reach a healthy goal weight, then your body just lets you stay there. For some people who have less to lose say around 100 lbs, this gets a little trickier, as you can get under weight! This happened to me. When i kept losing even after i was at my goal weight and size at first i was like "Woo HOO this is Awesome"! But as i got too Boney and Gaunt my Husband started freaking me out because he was sure i was going ...
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