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  1. Was anyone else afraid?

    Hi! I was officially sleeved yesterday...had a rough day/night due to pain from the surgery and gas pains. They had to delay my release this morning because the gas pains got so bad I couldn't advance to the "soft foods" (which was a requirement before I was to be released). Finally they released me and when I got home, I slept for a couple of hours (didn't get any sleep last night) and when I got up, I didn't know what to eat. I am so afraid that I am going to over eat and get sick because ...
  2. Got My Date!

    Hi! So excited...had my 2nd consultation with my surgeon last night and I finally booked my surgery for Feb 26th! Can't wait but I am very nervous yet excited. Been browsing the posts and trying to take it all in. I think I am more worried about the 2 week pre-op liquid diet that I have to do than the surgery itself. Any tips or advice would greatly be appreciated!