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  1. Woot! Woot!

    Had a Dr's appointment today. Got weighed, down 10 more lbs! That makes a total of 53 since surgery! Feeling awesome!
  2. long night ahead?!? :-(

    Great, we have a stomach flu bouncing around where I live and my belly is acting up. I'm not sure why. Sooo... Looks like I'll be online, reading and sipping herbal tea tonight. Ah well, sleep is overrated anyway! LOL

    Take care, have a good night and...

    Luv ya all!!!

  3. Nice Surprise!

    Just a quick note. Had a visit to my PCP today. Down another 3 pounds for 46 so far. Feels good to be looking at nearly new clothes and knowing I can give them away because they don't fit!
  4. Sometimes odd combos work!

    My new protein drink as the weather gets warmer is my favorite, iced coffee with a new twist. I take a quart jar, add 2 cups of coffee, one cup of soy milk, and one scoop strawberry flavored protein powder. I mix well and and some no calorie sweetener if necessary. Add ice and enjoy! Also works good as a frappuccino, and only 9 total carbs!
  5. Nervous and excited!?!

    This afternoon is my second follow up with my surgeon! Feel that I'm doing well but, of course I feel I could be doing better. Down 35 after 2 months hoping I shed a couple more last week! Wish me luck!

    Luv ya all!