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  1. Goal

    I made goal today. I was a little unsure of what I wanted goal to be. I weighed 140 in 1982 when I got married. Now I will just see where my body settles in.

    So happy for my tool and a 2nd chance.
  2. Total NSV

    Trying on Mother of the Groom dresses yesterday and the lady helping said ďyouíre thin enough that they all look good on you ď.
  3. 6 months

    Hi all-
    Today is my 6 month mark. 60 lbs and 42Ē gone. Goal is 7-17 lbs away. No one gave me a goal. Iím 5í3 and 147 now. Anyone with stats like this? Whatís ur goal? Iím a larger boned 57 yr old. Love to hear where u r at.
  4. Oh my god!

    I canít believe Iím below 150 and tried in a size 8 (from a 14) and it fit!! Happy happy with my tool.
  5. Milestone

    Reached the 50# mark. So very pleased. No regrets at all. Have had no complications.
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