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  1. Thoughts on Volume

    I have read a lot on this forum and heard in my program about the importance of not overeating. That part I get about paying attention to the full switch and measuring portions.

    My question is about liquid. How much is too much and in what time frame? I remember on weeks 1-2 that my instructions said to try to get in 8oz of liquid over a 60 min period. I can drink more now being 3 months out. But wonder if drinking 16 oz in 10-12 minutes is a bad thing to do. I can drink 16 oz of ...
  2. TwoHundredland

    Well.......drumroll for myself....I am 299 lbs today. So excited. Can't recall the last time I was under two hundred.
  3. Finally submission to insurance

    I started all of this end of May with visit to surgeon.
    All my paperwork finally got to the doctor and I paid $250 today to have it all processed and submitted to insurance. It has been a long road.
  4. Emotional reaction to psych report

    I read my psych report this week. The psychologist emailed me his report that he sent to my surgeon. He recommended me as a good candidate for the surgery. But that is not why I had an emotional reaction.

    The appointment with the Psych doc was long, as I am sure you all experienced with all the questions/tests and paperwork etc. The interview session with the doc was full of questions and really deep personal questions about family history, relationships, medical history, general ...
  5. Staple line

    Ok I admit this question may be ridiculous. I am just thinking so much about it I want to ask so I can get it off my mind. Have any of you asked or heard anything about how the staple line interacts with other organs near it? I saw one u tube person who said she can't sleep on her left side without it hurting and she was post op many months.