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  1. Wedding is only TWO DAYS away!

    Wow, I can't believe it's already here. I'm getting married!

    I really wanted to lose 50lbs before the wedding. I'm at 44lbs. While I SO wish 6 lbs would melt off before Saturday, I know it won't. BUT. I'm proud of where I'm at. I bought my dress last year when I was a size 22. They had to take it up 10 inches and I'm now a size 10. I just need to realize that in 3 months, I've lost a half lb a day. That's a BIG DEAL!!!

    If anyone else is feeling that way, remember what ...
  2. 6 week post op

    Wow, I can't believe its already been 6 weeks!
    I saw my surgeon and my nutritionist on Tuesday and they said everything is going good! I do need to try to get a bit more protein, since I had to stop my shakes. Its hard for me since I don't really like meat and I'm allergic to a lot of foods but I'm eating chicken as much as I can. I also need to get some iron tablets since all my BA vitamins made me sick. (I still have almost full bottles if anyone wants them.) I've lost quite a bit of weight ...
  3. And now, sinus infections.

    I gotta be honest- I've been having a rough time. After finally kicking the kidney stone problem, I now have a sinus infection that is making me throw up everything I eat because of the drainage. I'm literally surviving on peanut butter crackers, even though they're not supposed to be in my allowed list until next week. I can't even drink water because of the slime. Its really gross!!!
  4. Kidney Stones

    Hi everyone!

    I know I've been quiet the past couple of weeks... It's because I've developed kidney stones due to the protein shakes!
    You guys, I would rather have my surgery 800 times than have a kidney stone again. I've had 5 in the past week. FIVE! I still have one that I'm trying to pass right now. Anyone else has this problem??
  5. Head Hunger VS REAL Hunger

    Today has been challenging with being hungry. I can't tell if I'm actually hungry or not. Does anyone have any tips to combat this? I was considering chewing on ice but didn't know if that would be beneficial or not.

    Oh, SN:
    I see a lot of posts saying they have to be on a liquid diet for two weeks AFTER surgery but my doctor put me on mushy foods after being home. Is that strange? I've had pudding and a little bit of mashed potatoes so I don't think it's too bad.